Lock Bumping


Lock Bumping – A Dangerous New Skill Set for Burglars

Do any of the Keys above look like the ones securing your valuable or home? If so you are at risk.

Burglars have picked up a skill (originally developed by locksmiths) that has become a dangerous epidemic in the United States. This new skills is known as lock bumping. With the simple tap of a screw driver and the correctly cut key blank, thieves can quietly enter your home without detection.

  1. It is estimated that 90% of household doors in the US use an old style cylinder lock which is vulnerable to lock bumping.
  2.  Anyone can make a bump key and learn how to use it in 5 minutes or less with instructional videos that have gone viral on YouTube.
  3.  When a bump key is used to break into your house there are no signs of forced entry or damage to the lock. This makes insurance companies wary of paying claims related to stolen or damaged property due to the lack of evidence proving forced entry.

If you see what looks like your key here it is because the lock protecting your home is one of the most popular to bump. It’s time to protect your home and family against lock bumping.

If you want to learn more about lock bumping and ways to defend against it check out this YouTube video.

Protect Your Home Against Lock Bumping

Bowling Locksmith Services offers pick-resistant and bump-resistant high security lock hardware to protect your home. You can purchase these locks for self-installation or we can install them for you. Bump Resistant Locks we recommend include Master Locks Line of Home Locks with Anti-Bump, Kaba Peaks, or Medeco. Kaba Peaks and Medeco also have features which eliminates unauthorized key duplication. Your home is your single most valuable possessions. Why would you not invest in properly securing it? Call Bowling Locksmith Services today at (757) 653-6317 to upgrade your locks or visit us on the web at http://www.bowlinglocksmith.com


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