Why Are Locksmiths So Expensive?


Why are locksmiths so expensive?


It really depends on who you call.

A national locksmith franchise or scammer call center operation may appear to be local businesses since they tend to use redirect local landlines to their call center and also display fake locations in their online advertisements.

National locksmith companies have enormous advertising costs due to the fierce nature of their advertising, taking up the majority of space in local telephone directories and the expensive top listing positions in search engine advertisements. This cost is passed on to the consumer in your bill.

You may find that these national companies subcontract work to the nearest locksmith which could be anywhere up to 75 miles away, these travel costs increase up your bill as well. It could also mean you are waiting a ridiculous length of time for your locksmith to arrive.


Use a local locksmith!

As a result of the national firms and scammers invading the locksmith business locksmiths have been labelled expensive emergency services when in fact the majority of real local locksmith businesses are reasonably priced and offer a fantastic service.

Using a local locksmith ensures you are getting a quick response and a reliable, trustworthy tradesman who works hard to uphold his good reputation. National locksmith chains are far less likely to honor part guarantees and fix future problems since it is often difficult to send the same serviceman out again.

Spotting a genuine local locksmith can be difficult with the misleading ads from national locksmith companies. However if you speak to a receptionist wanting to know all your details before issuing a quotation you are more than likely speaking to a call center. A real local locksmith will be more than familiar with the area you are calling from.

Always shop around, get a few quotations! The real local locksmiths will be far cheaper than the nationals so never go for the first quote, no matter how desperate you are to get in.

Call Bowling Locksmith Services at 757-653-6317 and get that Local Locksmith Service and Price.


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