Keys do wear out with time !

Many people do not know that all keys will wear down over time and cause problems with your locks and when you try to get copies made. The repeated action raking the key across the lock parts causes minute wear that over time will cause the key to wear down to the point of not correctly working to open the lock. This is most evident on vehicles ignitions and door locks, mailboxes, household door locks, and other keys used on a daily basis.


Some may think to just go to the locksmith or hardware store and get another copy of the key made will solve the problem. However in this case you are only creating a copy of a bad key. That key most likely won’t work any better than the one you are making it from does. Your solution to this would be to have an original key cut on code cutting machine by a locksmith company. This would be a key created (not copied) with original factory specification and usually will remedy the problems of having to “jiggle” the key in the locks to get it to turn. A locksmith company can accomplish this in a number of ways, and it would be best to ask your local locksmith if they can create you an original key based off your worn or rough copy. Cutting a key by code can usually be done for a minimal cost, especially considering you won’t have to stand in the rain and fight the key in the lock for ten minutes while your children play in the mud puddles.

I recommend that when you first get a set of new keys (ie- buy a new car, change the locks on the house/business) your best idea would be to put aside one of the original keys. This could include putting a key in the safe or in a “hide a key”. Ideally the key should be used only in emergencies and to get copies made from. When you make a copy, of a copy, a key will sometimes get off by just a little bit. This same phenomenon happens when you photocopy copies of copies. If you continue to copy key copies you end up with copies of keys that do not work well. Ideally you should use that original saved away key to get copies made and use those for distribution. While most locksmiths key machines are designed to be able to make from 10-15 “generations” of keys, some hardware stores and big box stores may only be able to do one or two generations of copies.

While most locksmith companies keep their equipment adjusted and with sharp blades, big box stores consider key copying  a “Loss Leader” in that they don’t care if you have to come back for a key to be remade. They take the stance that you will likely pick up other things “while you are there” Returning that key could end up costing you hundreds! (oh yeah, I did need to buy me a new grill  while I’m here)

Locksmiths don’t like having to recut keys so they try to do it right the first time. Having a nonworking key is frustrating for everyone involved. That’s why we make every effort to do it right the first time.

Call Bowling Locksmith Services at 757-653-6317 and get that worn out key fixed. Don’t forget to visit our website at


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