Bowling Locksmith Services now has the ability to make high security keys for your vehicle!

What is a “High Security” Key?

The term “High Security” in automotive keys basically refers to the type of blade the key has. Regular automotive keys are either single sided or double sided cuts meaning they are either cut only on the top (single sided) or on the top and bottom (double sided). These types of keys can be cut with a basic key machine or key duplicator, unlike high security keys which are “milled” down the center of the key blade using a high security key machine with a special cutting blade. (see pictures included in this posting)

People may not even realize that their cars have high security automotive keys, because there may not be any buttons to press, or even a battery to change. Automotive High Security keys have actually been around for more than 20 years.

4 Track High Security Key (ie. Honda)

4 Track High Security Key (ie. Honda)

Which vehicles have High Security Keys?

Nearly all car manufacturers today have some or all of their models equipped with High Security keys. Lexus vehicles came equipped with high security keys ever since they introduced the LS model back in 1989. VW began using High Security Keys in some of their cars in 1998, with the majority of their vehicles being equipped by 2000. Honda Motor Co. began using high security keys on most models in 2003. More auto manufacturers have begun to equip their vehicles with high security keys over the past few years.

What does this mean for you? It means the cars are becoming much more difficult to steal, but it also means that the keys are much more difficult to cut (the reason we have invested in this specialty machine to cut these difficult to cut keys). 

There are a few makes and models however which are dealer only when it comes to getting replacement or duplicate keys made. This means only the dealer can provide you with a new key. We however can provide and program keys or the majority of high security key models. Call us and see if we can save you lots of money compared to the highly inflated dealer prices for extra or replacement high security keys. We can often generate new keys even if you lose all of your existing keys.


2 Track High Security Key (ie. VW)

Call us at 757-653-6317 to have high security keys cut.


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