Grades of Locks

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private non-profit organization that administers and coordinates voluntary standardization to develop and maintain performance standards for builder’s hardware. The purpose of product grades is to help identify the quality and durability of lock sets through a series of operational and security tests.

Grade 1 certification – Highest Grade Security and Durability. Grade 1 is the strongest grade ANSI/BHMA will supply for any Residential or Commercial product.

Grade 2 certification – is designed and built to offer excellent security and durability for most residential applications and some light commercial applications.

Grade 3 certification – Basic residential security/durability. Grade 3 is the lowest grade provided by ANSI, the minimal acceptable quality for residential door locks

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Is it time for you to ReKey ?

Who could still have keys to your home or business? Painters, carpenters, cleaning crews, neighbors or friends sometimes make extra copies of your keys for their convince when you give them a key (that you eventually get back).

Also when new property owners take possession of a new property they should be to re-key their locks. There is no telling who may have a copy of the old owners keys.

If you have 3 locks on your home or office, then, at closing you should have received 6 keys, locks normally come packaged with 2 keys per lock. If you did not receive all six keys they are floating around somewhere. You should re-key right now.

Right now in Jan. and Feb. of 2015 we are offering a rate of $50 for the service call and first cylinder rekey on standard residential and business cylinders (high security, tubular locks, and SFIC not part of this offer). Each additional cylinder $16.00. Mention you saw us on Facebook to get this special rate. You will get 2 keys free with your rekeying job. Each additional key is $2.00

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